Memories shouldn’t fade with what they were recorded on

VHS tapes deteriorate over time whether you watch them or not and DVDs accumulate scratches that soon make them unwatchable. Both VHS tapes and DVDs could fall prey to one or more of the following kinds of damage: water damage, heat damage, magnetic damage, or physical damage. Don’t let this happen to your home movies!

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Digital files are future-proof and damage-proof


Digital files are stored on your computer and therefore much less likely to experience the same kind of damage that VHS tapes and DVDs receive. Plus, you can back up digital files on other devices or online so if something happens to your computer, your home movies will be safe.


When was the last time you popped a VHS tape into your VCR? Or when was the last time your child or grandchild asked to watch a DVD? More and more, people are choosing to watch videos on their phones, tablets, and computers. Once your home movies are saved digitally, you’ll be able to share them with your family and friends so they can watch on their favorite devices.


At $20 per VHS or DVD, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better digital conversion deal. We don’t charge for blank tapes or discs, we provide free pick up and delivery, and your files will be stored on a complimentary flash drive. If you’d like to start the process of converting your home movies, please send us a message telling us what you’d like us to convert for you.

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Many have trusted us with their home movies

Customer Elizabeth

"I always wanted to capture our films myself but never had the time. Home Movie Joe was the perfect solution. Now we can easily watch our movies as a family!"

Customer George

"As promised, Home Movie Joe delivered our movies in an easy-to-use format that will not go obsolete. And at such a reasonable price!"

Customer Andrew

"Home Movie Joe took all our old family movies and consolidated them into a simple, accessible online folder for us to view anytime, anywhere. You will be glad Joe is on your team!"

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Here’s how it works

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Get things rolling by telling us how many VHS tapes and DVDs you’d like to convert.

2. Pick Up

Next, we’ll find a convenient location to meet so we can pick up your home movies.

3. Convert

We’ll start converting your movies to digital files as soon as possible and notify you as soon as they’re ready.

4. Deliver

Finally, we’ll deliver your home movies on a free flash drive along with all of your original tapes and DVDs.

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5 ways to share home movies with your family

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